Canon’s ‘Ivy Rec’ is the action camera for Photography addicts

Picture of Ivr Rec

New Delhi। Global camera manufacturer, Canon is coming up with yet product for photography addicts, a tiny, USB shaped, clippable Action Camera. Named ‘Ivy Rec’, this will be the first action camera made by Canon.

Action cameras are lightweight and small recording devices which capture the action while being a part of it. In other words, it is mounted on the object in action to capture a realistic frame. It can be attached to surfboards, cycles, skateboards, drones and even animals. Ivy Rec’s design makes clipping the device extremely easy. It looks like a small pen drive and can be clipped on different materials. You can put it on your dog or cat’s collar and see the world the way they see it!

Naturally, these cameras are designed to survive rugged and unpredictable situation. Canon’s Ivy Rec too claims to be waterproof, shockproof and equipped with a sturdy screen.


The camera can click photos and record videos as well. It is also accompanied by Canon Mini Cam App where the videos can be previewed live. It features a 13 Megapixel lens with a 1/3 inch CMOS sensor. Users can take a full HD video at 1080p and experience smooth view at 60fps.

The camera has a single button at its back for Power and a mode dial which is used to shift between 4 different modes, namely ‘stills’ for clicking pictures, ‘video’ for recording the audio-visuals, ‘multi’ which is equivalent to burst mode and ‘WiFi’ for connecting the device with smartphones.

Currently, Ivy Rec has been put on crowdfunding website, ‘Indiegogo.’ Interested people can sign up on the same to get 30% discount on the retail price once it’s put on sale!

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