Interesting gadgets to make your life easy

Color changing mugs

New Delhi। More and more interesting gadgets are being created to add convenience and fun to our lives. From sparkly kitchenware to hidden cameras, there’s a huge store to pick from! Below are some such unique products which may cater to your fancy:

Liquid Activated Mug

What’s better than your favorite drink in your favorite cup? A cup that lights up in attractive colors! These mugs automatically glow in a colorful hue when drinks are added, adding childlike fun to your drink.

Unique Mobile Alarm Apps to ward off sleep!

Portable flexible USB light Flexible USB LIGHT

How many times have you worked on your laptops in a dark room? Recall the endless home assignments that were done at 2 at night while also trying to not disturbing the other roommates? This portable LED lamp with an attached USB portal may not help with procrastinated home assignments but it can definitely shine light at your keyboard. Just plug it in your laptop to power it and you have a flexible LED torch with you.

Silicon table edge

Anti-collision Silicone Table Corner Edge Protector

This simple gadget should have been in circulation for decades. It’s a silicon cover which is put on table corners to prevent collisions with the sharp edges! Perfect for a house with children, this can prevent many daily bumps and injuries.


Gadget to track location of lost friends and family

Egg timerEgg timer

This one gadget will take away all the stress and guesswork in boiling eggs. You won’t have to look at the watch again and again as the timer will indicate the different stages of boiling by turning itself into shades of red.


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